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The Project Management Professional certification (PMP) ® (Certified Professional Project Manager) for any professional involved in projects gives further recognition to professional profiles and new occupational opportunities. Let's go together safely and confidently until the certification. The project manager is you and not a superman or a fantastic figure in an ideal market. One who wonders every day: how to better organize my resources (resource management)? why are my subordinates fighting (conflict management)? why don't they tell me the progress of their work and I have to remind them every time (progress reporting)? How do I motivate my team without giving more money (motivation)? How do I build a schedule that will work and not because someone else asked me (time management)? how will I monitor the cost of my project (cost management)? and… and… ..and ... Questions that do not "raise" empirical treatment. We do not have to discover the wheel every time. This is the meaning of standardization which has established the standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ®. A common language of communication. We say what we mean and we mean what we say! and of course tools and working models. The workshop The preparation workshop we organized is not just a reproduction of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). It gives the big picture, creates the foundations of thought for the standard and the philosophy of it. All this with many exercises, appropriate educational material, support until the exam and help even in writing the application for participation in the exam. Register now! The points that the program outperforms any other similar program are: 1. Our recognized experience 2. The continuous support from a distance (e-Learning & Web 2.0 Tools) so as not to create at any time the feeling: "what to do now?". Course outline • Project management framework – programming - portfolio • Project integration (project charter, management plan, changes) • Scope management (planning, scope statement, WBS, contol) • Time management ( sequence activities, activities resources, duration, planning, control) -Critical Path and critical chain methods • Cost management – (budgeting, earned value method) • Project optimization – project baselines • Quality management (plan, assurance, control). • Human resources management ( plan, acquire project team, develop team, manage team) • Communication management (method, types, reports, meetings) • Risk management (plan, qualitative & quantitative risk analysis, control) • Procurement management • Stakeholder management Cost Its cost is low, adapted to the economic crisis of the Greek market and the success rates are very high !! Limited participation places for maximum program performance. Note: "PMI", "PMP", and "PMBOK Guide" are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Η GK seminars παρέχει υπηρεσίες εξειδικευμένης εκπαίδευσης (management seminars) όπως: Project Management Professional (PMP®) Prep Course, χρήση MS Project, (CAPM)® preparation course, PMI – ACP (Agile) Preparation Course, Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)™ Prep Course, Associated Professional Human Resources International (aPHRi)™ Prep Course, Competency Based Training Management, Competency Based Workshops για Ηγεσία και Διαπραγματεύσεις και άλλα. Στόχος της εταιρείας μας είναι η βιωματική μάθηση, η εμβάθυνση σε έννοιες του management αλλά κυρίως η απόκτηση πραγματικών και αποτελεσματικών εργαλείων απαραίτητων στην σύγχρονη επαγγελματική ζωή!


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