About us

The website b2btrade.gr was made for businesses of any shape and form with the intention to contribute to their sales increase by advertising and promoting their respective services.

We offer a platform through which businesses can find quickly and easily from their place all the producers, the manufacturers, the distributors and the services they are interested in all together and by category at any moment.

Producers, manufacturers, representatives, distributors and service providers will have these benefits:

  • They will be easily found by thousands of businesses (logo, a few words for their company, business phone number and website).
  • Quick upload of unlimited images and prices and the availability of their products for sale.
  • Receiving notifications and product and service orders directly through online purchases.
  • They can have their own domain.b2btrade.gr without any extra cost and features such as product search, contact page, product and service management system.
  • Addition of products or services, new or on promotion.
  • Addition of products or services on offer or discount.
  • Receiving the latest news and updates regarding their industry.

Buyers will have these benefits:

  • They will be able to find products and services in every industry in one place.
  • They will be constantly informed about new products.
  • They will benefit from offers and discounts.
  • Free registration to our website.

Our marketing team is truly talented, we will reach out to thousands of high quality customers through mail, online and digital marketing in order to bring buyers to our platform.

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