Rosemary Blossom Water

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Rosemary blossom water obtained through the distillation of aromatic plants, 100% natural and organic, which provides an aromatic experience to your dishes.Rosemary blossom water can be combined with the following: Sauces marinades Bakery products (doughs) Meat (chicken, pork, beef/roasting or boiling) Fish (grilling, boiling, or adding by spraying before serving) Salats Beverages (aromatic herbs, chocolate/ hot or cold) Confectionery (cakes, creams, syrups) 100 ml Directions 2 - 3 sprays for each use

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Η Madika Organics, που ιδρύθηκε το 2013 στην Μηλέα Κοζάνης, είναι μια καινοτόμα εταιρεία βιολογικών, vegan βρώσιμων και καλλυντικών ανθόνερων, φιλική πάντα προς το περιβάλλον.


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