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Welcome to Skiathos! Arriving back at the port of Skiathos, we enter the peripheral road of the city towards Koukounaries and immediately at 300m. we turn right to the monastery of Evangelistria, where at the Vigles / Vromovrisi location, on an advanced natural balcony with a panoramic view of 260 degrees holly and above the town of Skiathos lies the villa of Aereides. The location is unique, 1,500 meters far from the harbor elevation with a spectacular view over the city, harbor, airport and the islands. A private road of 60 meters connects the estate with the provincial road of Skiathos - Monastery of Evangelistria where there is a bus stop for the monastery or the town or the beaches of the island. Other 20 'walks drive to the city center. Two of the island's most beautiful and picturesque taverns are within 10 foot walking distance.  Within 4 acres of olive trees and a natural balcony with open view on the three sides, this villa was built in 2002 in a traditional architectural style with contemporary elements. It is built on a sloping ground on three levels where on the upper level is the entrance of the main house, the living room with triple sofa, magnificent berserk and armchairs, fireplace thermodynamic (heats the whole house) dining room for eight persons kitchen small but miraculous and fully equipped with all around you wherever you go with a handful of hands without distances, guest bathrooms, a window with a large window overlooking Bourgi. Two wide balcony doors lead to a large balcony with pergola views, pergola, outdoor dining area and wooden deck chairs. A wooden staircase leads to the loft where there is a wooden double bed, office corner and a large opening to the living room. Also another stair leads to the lower level where the master bedroom is located with a large balcony door with view of Bourgi, as well as a large bathroom and storage space. The bedroom has a large oak double bed with drawers on its base, a shelf with a TV and all shelves and closets to get all the clothes. At the same level on the front northeast of 20 sq. Meters there is a studio apartment with kitchenette and bathroom and a private balcony, while on the southwest side another self-contained studio also with balcony overlooking the pool and with unlimited view. Keep in mind that it is easy if you want to change the layout and add the rooms to the main house. Finally one more level below there are two studios which communicate with each other and can be used either individually as a two-room apartment or as two studios. There is also a large fully-equipped workshop as well as the space of the radiator. The storehouse communicates with the house and with internal stairs. All levels are grounded from the two at least sides and around there are stairs and flowers with flowers. The villa was built in this place with absolute respect for the environment and the surrounding trees so that you come home from the parking lot of the cars to see no houses and only when you descend the paved path between the olives marvelous the view of the sea left and on the right, you see between the trees the beautiful wooden door of the entrance with its bell. Along the way, you find a unique barbeque design and beauty with the necessary living room and a unique view over the village and the harbor. Floors with flowers, trees, waterfowl and rock gardens embrace the house and the pool while the big Manolis offers you its shadows and large white fleshy flowers that brighten The holly trees and plants as well as the natural location of the house protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors, so you can enjoy the magic of water as much as you want! To the right of the pool, a stair leads to the bottom of the estate to the stream, and you can see a path that follows will leave you speechless with the beauty of the black rocks that either embrace them or they are held by the logs and the roots of the olives. The landscape elsewhere is clean and accessible, but it is also left to the mercy of time and the parasitic plants which for 25 years created a bouquet of wild nature . This property and the house have many hidden secrets that are not for everyone. It is just for those who see and understand!

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Βίλλα Αέρηδες

Βίλλα 290 τ.μ με πισίνα ενοικιάζεται η πωλειται στην Σκιάθο στη πανοραμική τοποθεσία Βίγλες, μόνο 1,6 χιλιόμετρα από την πόλη, φιλοξενεί έως 10 άτομα, άριστα εξοπλισμένη και επιπλωμένη για αξέχαστες διακοπές...


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