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This traditional gruyere, a commodity of the Mediterranean diet is made 100% fresh pasteurized greek goat's and sheep’s milk (min. 80% sheep & max 20% goat milk). It is matured for at least three months in cellars of fixed temperature. Among all gruyeres, this one from Crete, holds rightly the name of the QUEEN of semi-hard cheeses in Greece, as in Italy the Parmigiano Reggiano or the famous Manchengo in Spain.It is a semi-hard cheese with scattered holes and cracks. The famous gruyere P.D.O from Crete has sweet taste and rich aroma.An ideal product for the aperitif, before and after the meal or even accompanied with fruit. It must be at room temperature one hour before consumption. Graviera is a very versatile cheese; it can also be sliced and eaten, fried as 'saganaki' and eaten as a snack, grated and served over pasta dishes

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